Being a squeaky clean teenage celebrity in today's Hollywood is not easy. Everyone gives you drugs and alcohol to help you deal with your problems, and in turn, just create even more problems!

Dirty Teen Celebrities is there for teenage girls in their time of need. Not to give them a shoulder to cry on... No, they are there to take some steamy pics and some spicy hot video of girls as they turn into complete sluts that would make a porn star blush!

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PoV porn is nothing new, it has been around for quite some time and really, it’s been disappointing right from the get-go. It got hyped up and to date, it really has been nothing but a slightly different camera angle. The novelty as worn off so quick and it is so unimpressive that most of the time we don’t even notice if a site’s content is PoV anymore.

Finally this site, Jays PoV seems to have gotten it right. For the first time I have gotten the feeling on some scenes that it’s different to regular camera angles. It still doesn’t have the same distinct impact as when you watch something in 3D and honestly, I am of the opinion that if you’re going to really make PoV work it needs to be in VR 3D as well.

Still, this is one hell of an improvement and perhaps how it was intended to have been when the concept was first launched years ago.

This is the only site I would ever recommend to someone who like PoV and now they can get up to 73% off with a Jays POV discount.

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