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Usually if you want to see a celebrity naked you have to hack into their iCloud account, wait for them to make bad decisions or have somebody create a fake celebrity nude of them and hope it turns out alright. Not this time. It seems that Keira Knightley has decided to let it all hangout so long as the photos were not retouched. But why?

According the Keira, and I guess she would be the best source of why, it was to bring awareness and let women be proud of themselves. That basically translates into the fact that most women have one larger boob and when naked it can sometimes be obvious. Also women’s breasts saga little and move ever so slowly towards their belly buttons. Had this photo been retouched both of Keira’s boobs would be the same size and appear a little more perky.

So what do you think about it? Personally I love this girl and always have. So if you don’t want her, that is cool. I’ll have her all to myself. But if you do like her too, put up your dukes!

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